Garmin 935 heart rate monitor not working

The Forerunner is a great all-rounded fitness watch from the Garmin. It comes with some great features necessary to track your running, sleeping and other activities. Heart rate monitor is one of important features on this watch you may need during workout. There is no heart rate showing up though the heart is flashing on the HR screen. If this issue occurs on your FRyou can consider these tips.

There are so many benefits training with heart rate data ranging from the progress you are training to your revitalization and rest.

This info may not be needed to know by those many purists but it helps many athletes to start to train. There is a pie chart of activity in Garmin Connect sorted out into extremely Active, energetic, inactive and resting.

The watch for you is this if you are looking for a fitness tracker watch, with heart rate and GPS. A new standard is a watch with built-in heart rate monitor. There is only one device set-up as an activity tracker with Garmin productsso you can make a new account on an old handset. It is simple as you need to have your connect name. This is really a good help in case someone do the same mistake.

But you can try a few tips to solve this. Try checking the software version in the settings menu. If the WHR says 0. It can be fixed by installing the missing software and you can use the HR again. But, if this does help, you can try to reinstall the latest update or try pressing the light button down to force cycle it.

Garmin Forerunner Prev Article. Next Article.Heart rate monitoring has been a staple feature on Garmin's watches for some time now, but it's only over the last few years that it's taken the leap from getting that data from a paired heart rate chest strap to moving the tech directly into the wearables themselves. Since Garmin launched the Forerunner running watch back inits first device to include a built-in optical heart rate monitor, there's been a steady stream of sports watches and fitness trackers that now let you track heart rate activity from the wrist.

Read this : Best heart rate monitors to buy. But what kind of data can you see — and how can you make the most of those insights? We've broken down exactly how Garmin's heart rate technology works, the kind of data it provides and where you can find that information during and after your workout. So before we get into the data we need to talk about how that data is generated in the first place.

Like many of the heart rate monitors found on watches like the Apple Watch or on Fitbit's wearables, Garmin takes a very similar approach across its devices. It uses its own proprietary optical-based Elevate heart rate sensor technology. These sensors can be found on the back of Garmin's wearables — that way when they're strapped on, they're well positioned on the top of the skin to take a reading. Unlike heart rate monitor chest straps, which measure the heart's electrical activity to produce HR data, optical heart rate monitors uses a series of lights that flash against the skin, illuminating capillaries in the body to detect changes in blood volume.

The sensor is then able to measure the rate at which blood is being pumped, giving you that heart rate data in real time. Heart rate is standard across the Garmin range now, and there's no device that hasn't got one of the company's Elevate sensors inside.

So when choosing a device, it's not about whether you get heart rate — it's about how much data is gleaned from that sensor. And that varies massively from device to device. You can check out our full rundown of the best Garmin watches here, but below is our at-a-glance guide to heart rate features. So we've established how Garmin's heart rate sensor tech works and outlined the wearables you can find it packed into.

Now it's time to turn our attention to the heart rate driven data you can dive into. But let's start with the one piece of data that everyone comes to expect, and that's real-time heart rate data when you're working out. Whether you are going for a run, cycle or just having a general gym session, most heart rate sensor-packing wearables from Garmin will let you see this information displayed in BPMs beats per minutean indication of your workout intensity.

Garmin Forerunner 935 review

So why is this important? Well, knowing your heart rate can ensure you're working at the right intensity — making sure you're not slacking off, or more importantly, not burning yourself out on a rest day. Check out our guide to HR training for more. To view this information once you've started to track a workout, you can scroll through the data screens on your watch and you'll find a gauge like the one you can see above.

This displays your current heart rate zone — the zones all have different benefits depending on which one you spend the most time in. You can find out more about how it all works in our guide to training with heart rate zones. If you prefer to see that real time heart rate data from one screen alongside another piece of real-time data like distance or pace, for instanceyou can customise data screens by heading into the settings of your device to change things up.Heart rate monitors are temperamental things.

Both straps worked great for the first month, but after that I began to see weird behavior on runs lasting more than an hour. Somewhere during the second hour, the pulse rate would start decaying steadily down, regardless of how hard I was exercising.

garmin 935 heart rate monitor not working

It rendered the HRM nearly useless for long runs. That problem is normally caused by poor electrical conductivity between the strap and the skin, and can be solved by wiping on some spit or electrode gel, or just waiting until the skin gets sweaty. What on earth might cause a problem like this, that only strikes after an hour or more into a long run, and only after a month of use for the heart rate monitor?

When the first HRM started malfunctioning a couple of months ago, I tried cleaning the strap, tightening the strap, replacing the battery, and updating the firmware. Nothing worked, and I eventually exchanged the watch and HRM for a replacement. Now just over a month later, the replacement has started to do the same thing. Some Amazon reviewers reached a similar conclusion, though their symptoms sound different from mine.

Some found partial success in washing or soaking the strap, and others by cleaning the snap contacts on the transmitter with a deoxidizing cleaner. After lots more experimentation, I confirmed the problem is at least partly due to sweat and salt build-up in the strap fabric. After washing, the problem returned again within a matter of days, if not sooner. The final straw was a 6-hour endurance race I competed in yesterday.

The day before the event, I machine washed the strap and air dried it while lying flat, so it would be ready to go for the race. Despite the washing, the heart rate data started flaking out after the first hour.

Garmin Forerunner 935 In-Depth Review

It recovered twice, but eventually it went completely nuts and gave me totally wrong HR data for the last 2. I was not happy. Or maybe the salt permanently damages the conductive threads in the fabric? Washing may provide temporary relief, but eventually the HRM will become a useless piece of junk. I have the exact same problem. I called Garmin today and they said its usually caused by not washing the strap as directed Which I have been doing.

After a bit of conversation, they are sending me a new HRM under warranty.

garmin 935 heart rate monitor not working

They were very nice about it. Makes sense. In order to be at its best performance, it must be cleaned. Not washing the heart rate monitor HRM on a consistent basis can cause sweat and salt to build up on the strap. An increased build up of either can decrease the ability for the strap to report correct data. I am on my Fourth HR Monitor, and last. All have failed. The last one would not even work fresh out of the box. I agree. Switched from Polar because everyone was raving about the Edge Big mistake.

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It lasts about 45 mins and then reads either very low or blank. It breaks that permanent or sporadic short circuit caused by bad design — or salt buildup…. I have a CX already old and have the issue of spiking. Would like to know if I cut the reader this solution will work. Sorry, question not clear. I have the original strap, which the soft one, but am not sure what the outcome will be if I cut it between the attaching buttons.This watch follows almost a year after the FRXT was announced last spring, and only 3 months after the Fenix 5 series was announced in January which just started shipping last week.

Basically — it could be named the Fenix 5P — for Plastic. Finally, it also adds in the just announced TrainingPeaks workout synchronization app, allowing you to sync workouts from TrainingPeaks to your watch including other devices.

As noted in the intro, in many ways the FR is basically a Fenix 5 in a different skin. How would the new features look compared to the FRXT of last year? Well, everything above, plus the below:.

Note, there are no maps like the Fenix 5X units. Still confused? Sorry, it happens to the best of us. Go forth and enjoy! The reasoning is twofold. Throughout the review you see the bundle variant, with the yellow strap since I was mostly too lazy to change it to the black strap. So, the two options are:.

Plus the charging cable. Pretty standard stuff. What is notable here is the band though. Specifically with leather, metal, and other silicone band colors. Basically, what we saw on the Fenix 5.

Note, that I tried the Fenix 5 bands the middle-sized ones and they fit just fine. The 5X bands would be too big, and the 5S bands too small. As you can see, sizing-wise the FRXT and FR are pretty similar, however the FR is slightly larger — by a few millimeters in diameter, albeit identical in depth.

Finally, the FR comes in at 49g, whereas the Fenix 5 starts at 84g depends on which bands you use.

garmin 935 heart rate monitor not working

The Fenix 5S starts at 67g.The Garmin Forerunner is an exceptional multi-sport watch that will just keep chugging along for days and days on your wrist. It's also an excellent smartwatch and fitness tracker in many ways, with perhaps music support the only notable omission. It's a little chunky and expensive to some - but if you're truly invested in your fitness hobby, it's a worthwhile investment. The Garmin Forerunner release date was mid, coming to the market in readiness for the Ironman season.

Several years after release, the device is cheaper, but not notably so, and you'll be hard pressed to find a three-figure price reduction in many shops except during particular sales periods. The screen on the Garmin Forerunner is perfect for what you need - 64 colors, x resolution in the 1. Current page: Introduction, design and screen. Australian PC Awards. Home Reviews. Our Verdict The Garmin Forerunner is an exceptional multi-sport watch that will just keep chugging along for days and days on your wrist.

For Varied sports tracking Amazing battery life Excellent fitness information. Introduction, design and screen Fitness App and battery life Verdict and competition. Design and screen Comfortable and easy to put on 1.For those who train with heart rate monitors often, you probably know all too well know the tell-tale sign that your little device is lying to you about your heart rate.

It starts off fairly innocently with a gentle rise in heart rate HR. Frustrated, you poke at your HR monitor some, perhaps browse the Internets a bit — but in general forget about it, until it happens again. And…I can probably even help ya fix it too! Which side is the electrode side? Well, the side with the little bands, not the shiny side. Garmin Classic HR Strap :. And for all you Polar folk, their coded HR strap :. It should not be worn over your clothing. This in turns lowers your conductivity ability from a readings perspective.

Which, means you often get incorrect readings. Simply introducing any moisture at all will usually remedy the situation — at least until you begin sweating enough to let that do its job. This is most common when your skin and air are both rather dry, and very little moisture is present. In almost all cases, simply applying moisture will immediately resolve this issue. As a side note, some of the Polar straps actually have an antistatic component built into them that helps to alleviate this problem to some degree.

This is often caused when the wind funnels down the front of your bike jersey and either induces additional static buildup as noted before, or introduces false readings through vibrations.

In this case, your best bet is either getting more gel to increase conductivity, or simply twisting the HR strap around towards your side a bit — that usually resolves is for me. The fixes: The good news here is that there are a ton of easy fixes that you can quickly try out to.

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Once you start sweating it introduces moisture which in turn improves conductivity. This in turn makes the HR strap happy and you get better readings. So basically…work harder. I just give it a big lick. This stuff is incredibly cheap, and the bottle will last you a long long time. Some folks even wear it on their back with great success. Works perfectly! You can pickup the simple coin replacement battery at virtually any drugstore, and even most grocery stores these days. It only takes a few seconds to open up the back door of the strap and swap out the battery.

I usually have at least one spare battery in my tri bag at all times, just in case. Wrap Up Hopefully this will help you get through those pesky heart rate reading errors and get on with your workout. If you have any related tips to fixing strange HR readings, feel free to leave them below in the comments!

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If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. What an amazing coincidence: yesterday I performed a workout that resulted in a graph that is absolutely identical to the HR-graph you used in this post! Thanks for posting this on this exact date.

garmin 935 heart rate monitor not working

My Polar Bluetooth heart rate strap was transmitting ubnormal heart rate data to my trusty Nokia E71 and Sony smartphone using sports tracker app and now it s fixed after reading a comment in this section i believe i have the newer version of the strap, which is made of soft fabric, there are no hard plastic segments.

I haven t used the strap for a certain period of time and now, when resting it showed bpm and during exerciseobviously wrong.The heart rate monitor HRM is pretty darn accurate though - we found ourselves dropping the chest strap more often than not, as the wrist-based data was actually accurate enough to make decisions about how hard we were going and seemed to correlate well with actual raises and drops of intensity.

That HRM packs in some other decent tech too: performance condition.

Garmin Forerunner 935 In-Depth Review

The run tracking on the Garmin Forerunner is excellent. You can customize loads of screens, which you can cycle through with the up and down arrows easily, and see everything from pace, to time, to monitoring which foot is more dominant with the chest strap or optional foot podto the time the sun is going to come up.

You can also set interval sessions from the watch itself, or create a dedicated workout in the Garmin Connect app on your phone and have it sent to the watch.

This is a really neat feature, as it means you can create structured training sessions say, you want to do an interval session of longer and longer sections with rests in between over 10 miles at varying paces and then just start them on the watch and let it be your coach.

Our model did recently suffer a fatal freeze in the middle of a marathon, which was upsetting, but that was after many months of use and is quite anomalous according to a web search. There is a dedicated triathlon mode, but you can also join your own sets of activities together and create things like a duathlon with ease.

What impressed us most about the cycling mode on the was the sheer range of sensors you can connect. Take it further though, and you can connect lights, power meters and even cameras to the watch, firing them right from your wrist.

The Forerunner is a good pal when inside on a static trainer too. We connected the watch to an expensive bike a Planet X exe with Shimano di2 groupset in a front room, where it sat on a TacX Satori Smart turbo trainer, which in turn connects to the PC under a TV to ride in the Zwift virtual world.

When we go to connect the watch to the turbo trainer, the number of sensors we can use is dizzying, including power, cadence and a whole range of other metrics. After cycling in the Zwift mode, all our information from the ride was instantly logged in the Garmin app so we could see stats, and they were uploaded straight to Strava too.

We did find that some moves - like bench pressing, for instance - were easier to track than others, with things like pull-ups obviously being hard to track.

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Would we use this again for gym workouts? It was… fine. Star jumps, wall sits, planks were all there but nothing that really taxed, and the heart rate monitoring seemed rather inaccurate. Current page: Fitness.

Home Reviews. Introduction, design and screen Fitness App and battery life Verdict and competition. Running One of the more accurate running watches Lots of data available on customizable screens Can alert you to whether you're above or below the pace The run tracking on the Garmin Forerunner is excellent.

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